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Party Room

Our party room is available for larger groups and offers closing doors for a more private setting. The room has tables that seat six and can be arranged in a variety of ways to accommodate your needs. The sound system in the room can be shut off for meetings or for a quieter setting. Fees apply to groups less than 25 that wish to have the entire room privately. If you are ok with sharing the room there is no fee. 

The room is offered to groups of 25 or more at no charge for the first 2 hrs when ordering meals or buffet. A fee of 25.00 per additional hour will apply.

Room rental is $30.00 hr. for groups smaller than 25  Tuesday-Thursday and is $60 hr Friday and Saturday 

Groups not ordering meals will be charged the per hour rate and will not be able to reserve during peak business hours. Peak hours include, but are not limited, to 11am-1 pm and 5pm-9pm.

Room Capacity: 40

Service Options: Menu or Buffet Set Up

Any buffet service must be arranged with our catering manager. Buffet set up is only available for groups of 25 or larger. 

You can reserve our party room by calling 641-753-4147.

For buffet set up or catering information and pricing call 641-751-1427